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Being the 70th anniversary of D Day, I think I’m the only one who is going to mention the German sacrifice. 
Most of the men defending the German positions were conscripted, and Wehrmacht, which means they weren’t necessarily Nazis themselves, just under their command. 
They died for a cruel empire, against their will, but put up a valiant fight until the end.

I honestly believe that not all men are created equal. There are racial differences in human races. There is a reason why we have smartphones and a health care system while most africans still live in huts and have no shoes.
saying all humans are the same is like saying dolphins and mackerels are equal since they all are fish, or like saying gorillas and bonobos are the same since they are all apes.
i think eugenics should be employed to improve the human race instead of letting everyone procreate and carry on their genetic flaws on future generations.

Creationists are a cancer to the world. I believe anyone who doesn’t believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution should be sent to concentration camps.


Her (2013) dir. Spike Jonze

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I feel that race is in a much better place than issues of gender right now in America.
People are deathly afraid of being called a racist but people will write you off for calling them sexist and feminism is a dirty word that no one takes seriously. People who would never use racial slurs have no problem using degrading terms for women, catcalling, and objectifying them in conversation. People who actually believe a certain race is less competent know not to say it out loud but so many people everywhere think it’s acceptable to talk about a woman’s place and limitations like they’re talking about the weather.
I think if half the energy towards anti-racist efforts were put towards anti-sexist dialogue and education, the country would be in a much better place.

It makes me angry that some people aren’t patriotic. No nation is perfect, but I believe everyone should have at least some pride in the country they live in, it’s policies, its history and its culture. I’m not talking about blind worship, I’m talking about basic gratitude for the comfortable life you live and the freedoms you enjoy. Obviously, I don’t mean people people in war-torn, oppressive nations, but  people in first-world nations like the UK, the US, France, Canada (I only mention these countries because I lived/been to them and I’ve seen that some of their citizens are unpatriotic, of course I know there are more first world-nation then these). These countries have their problems, but they all have pretty stable governments, are based on equality (though I guess you could argue about how that works out sometimes) and have the capacity for change.Once, I was doing some research for something, when I asked people if they were proud to be from the country they were from, most of them responded “I don’t care, it’s just where I live”, and that really hurt me. It may sound crazy to some people but to me that’s like saying. “I don’t love my parents, they’re just the people who raised me and took care of me and gave me a home.” It’s really annoying to see a lot of young people constantly insulting and making jokes about their home-nations. Criticizing the government and working for change are all good things, but so many people I see just sit on their butts and just go “This country sucks”, “The government can’t do anything right”, “They preach equality but things are anything but equal”, and point out all the negatives all while doing nothing to improve things. I’m not even talking about people from my country, but from any country. Not to sound like a hick or anything, but if you don’t love your country, you really should just leave it. I hope no one takes the wrong message from this. I guess I’m just sensitive to this kind of stuff because I’m the child of refugees. Just try to understand how lucky you are to even have the right to criticize the government, make the tiniest attempt at change and declare your stance on controversial issues without putting your life and the lives of everyone in your family in danger, because that’s a luxury some people don’t have.

Alcohol can hurt people who never had a drop. For example - drunk driving, harassment, alcohol-induced violence and vandalism.

I am going to be here to defend Donald Sterling and Brendan Eich.
I figure this is a place for unpopular opinions so here goes nothing.

Now to set my preamble.
I am completely okay with the fact that they have been held accountable for their actions against the LGBT Community. This is what should happen in a free market of ideas, where the bad ideas get weeded out/destroyed and the more convincing good ideas get endorsed with popular support.
However, there are certain things that need to be called out in these 2 cases.
1- It denies the opportunity for redemption.
Yes, it doesn’t look good the fact that Brendan Eich that he supported Prop 8. 
However, there are cases when people have redeemed themselves in the eyes of the Public.
Nate Phelps, the son of Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church, he became an atheist and severed his ties to his roots because he wanted to fight alongside the people his family has wronged.
President Lyndon B. Johnson, He was the MOST UNLIKELY person to support Civil Rights. He was from Texas, he had before 1954 fought against Civil Rights (it could be also appeasing his voters, but that is up for debate) 
But after Kennedy’s death, he proved to be the most valuable ally by signing both the Civil Rights Act AND Voting Rights Act! Mind you, he still at times had supported his racist voters and is from Texas!!!
Tying back to the point, I think Brendan Eich should have been given the opportunity to redeem himself. He could have tried to retract his support of Prop 8, apologize for the LGBT Community, and perhaps even endorse the LGBT Community by channeling some funds to Pro-LGBT bills. 
Now you might say “That is WAY too much to ask for”
Let me ask you this, it is literally only recently politicians actually supported LGBT Rights. Obama and Clinton were at first ambivalent or never supported it at first until the American Public showed a majority support.
It was only 2009 that Vermont became the first state to legalize Gay Marriage!! It was only 5 years ago!!! That’s it. A lot of politicians are “Evolving” in support of LGBT issues.
So why not Brendan Eich?
2- We are becoming sanctimonious people judging people anytime, everywhere, even if we are hypocrites about it. 
First things first, There is a distinction between a Public vs Private Statement.
Donald Sterling’s racist remark was done in a private setting as far as I know. 
I have no qualms of condemning a politicians (or any popular figure) saying anything publicly defaming anybody (by race, gender, whatever else). 
But privately, No, I wouldn’t. It is called private statement for a reason. 
Why does it matter anyway?Because chances are even the most fundamentalist SJW has said something that could be seen as racist, homophobic, etc. in their private lives. In fact, I would go as far as to say each and everyone of us has.
Hell, even Laci Green, one of the most fundamentalist SJWs I have seen has literally been hounded by her own cohorts for saying the word “Tranny” just once from a video she did years ago before her internet fame.
Does that exactly justify you for being doxed, beaten, assaulted, losing your job, etc? No. 
So if you plan to denounce Sterling for his remarks. Be my guest, since after all it was a messed up remark on his part.
However, just remember that if you plan to denounce Sterling for his own private comments, just apply that standard to yourself too.
Would you too, like being doxed, harassed, assaulted, or whatever else for a homophobic, racist, or whatever else comment you said between your and your friends? Or from years ago when you were completely innocent and unaware?
Because I AM 100% sure, if I can not find it, The NSA probably has recordings of each and every single one of us saying something that could be taken offensively by the LGBT Community, Race, Gender, etc. even if it was not the original intent to offend but as a joke or crude humor with friends.
So please, think twice before there is another spectacle like this.
Don’t act like we are superior to Donald Sterling because I think deep down we all know we had that moment, but we were never “doxed” for it.
I thank you for reading this long essay. I bid you good day and that I raised awareness of certain issues that are becoming very troubling to watch unfolding before me.

Agree 1,000%It’s like the Red Scare has become the Biggot Scare.